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Lilian Dikmans behind the scenes - Champion SS19 Sport
Behind the scenes with Lilian Dikmans during the photoshoot for Champion SS19 Sport campaign in Sydney, Australia.
Infrared Sauna: Lilian Dikmans Behind the Scenes
Enjoy some of the highlight moments from behind the scenes with Lilian Dikmans featuring the Australian model visiting the infrared sauna in Melbourne, Victoria.
RFHB: Lilian Dikmans Behind the Scenes
Enjoy some of the highlight moments from Real Food Healthy Body with Lilian Dikmans making gluten free and dairy free Pumpkin Pancakes.
Lilian Dikmans in Los Angeles
Last month was an eventful one. Following the coverage of UFC 234 in Melbourne, I shot another campaign with Ford Australia (more on that soon). This month, I'll be staying in Melbourne and plan to get my training back on track. Then I will be heading to New York and Los Angeles in April. It's been a while since my...
Lilian Dikmans covers UFC 234 for FIGHTMAG
UFC 234 was held in my home town of Melbourne, Australia last weekend (Feb. 10). After spending time shooting in Sydney last month, it was nice to be able to come home to cover the event for FIGHTMAG. Pre-fight events Fight week kicked off with an Open Training display by UFC middleweight champion Rob Whittaker and UFC light heavyweight Jim Crute. The...
Eating for performance
There's a lot of information online about what you should and shouldn't eat. Some of it is credible and some of it is not. In my view, nothing should be blindly followed. What works for one person may end in disaster for another. In the past, I've shared the general principles I follow when deciding what to eat. For me,...
Sports massage benefits
Massage provides a range of benefits, whether you are an athlete looking to recover faster or just someone looking to unwind and feel good. There are so many types on offer. From relaxation massage to remedial, trigger point, shiatsu, Swedish, Thai, deep tissue or sports, it can be hard to know which is going to be best for you. I...
Five ways to beat bloating
If you've experienced bloating and can't work out exactly what causes it, I feel your pain. I used to suffer from terrible bloating, to the point where I'd look pregnant. It would take at least 3 days to properly settle and go down. Not cool, especially when a modelling job would pop up at the same time. Over the years,...
Lilian Dikmans, Beating jet lag, fly like a pro
As a person who travels often, I have spent numerous hours on long haul flights. I love travelling, but lengthy plane trips across multiple time zones can really mess with your body. If you have the luxury of flying business or first class, you will most likely recover well. But travelling economy, cramped into a small seat for 14-plus...