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Strong Fitness Magazine Australia
Lilian Dikmans is featured in Strong Fitness Magazine Australia, April - May 2020 issue.
At home beginner glute workout
This home workout targets the glute muscles. For those at a beginner level, you can perform the movements with no equipment: just your bodyweight. To progress the difficulty of the exercises and make your glutes work harder, you can add a weight and a resistance band as demonstrated in the video. Home workout: 30-minute GLUTES A1: Glute bridge - 3 x...
Fitness First Magazine Cover Lilian Dikmans
In December last year, I flew up to Sydney to shoot the cover of Fitness First Magazine. It was for the Jan/Feb 2020 issue. Along with shooting the cover was an interview for a feature story. We covered a broad range of topics including my life, modelling, being a lawyer, fighting in the ring and everything in between. After arriving...
Lululemon Functional Training for Runners
Lilian Dikmans in a new campaign for Lululemon Australia and New Zealand. https://www.instagram.com/p/B78C8jpprKy/
Lilian Dikmans behind the scenes - Champion SS19 Sport
Behind the scenes with Lilian Dikmans during the photoshoot for Champion SS19 Sport campaign in Sydney, Australia.
Lilian Dikmans features in Maybelline NY: Generation Fluid
Lilian Dikmans features in the Maybelline New York Generation Fluid campaign. "You're living in a society that's more fluid than ever, where you have the chance to be whoever you want to be, show the world however you feel and express yourself without holding back. This is Generation Fluid. See how Lilian goes between her three careers as Muay Thai Fighter,...
Lilian Dikmans in Xtra - Time to Step It Up
Lilian Dikmans features in Xtra Sheets campaign "Time to Step It Up".
Infrared Sauna: Lilian Dikmans Behind the Scenes
Enjoy some of the highlight moments from behind the scenes with Lilian Dikmans featuring the Australian model visiting the infrared sauna in Melbourne, Victoria.
RFHB: Lilian Dikmans Behind the Scenes
Enjoy some of the highlight moments from Real Food Healthy Body with Lilian Dikmans making gluten free and dairy free Pumpkin Pancakes.