Fitness First Magazine Cover Lilian Dikmans
Lilian Dikmans shooting Fitness First Magazine cover

In December last year, I flew up to Sydney to shoot the cover of Fitness First Magazine. It was for the Jan/Feb 2020 issue. Along with shooting the cover was an interview for a feature story. We covered a broad range of topics including my life, modelling, being a lawyer, fighting in the ring and everything in between.

After arriving on set, it was straight to hair and make up. Then we shot the cover and images for the feature story. In addition to the standard shots you would expect for a fitness magazine, we also captured some kicks, punches and elbows.

When shooting action shots, sometimes I will actually do the movement properly. For example, throw a kick or a punch. But depending on technical things like focus and lighting, sometimes I have to statically hold the most exciting point of the movement. Proper technique may also have to be sacrificed so that your face becomes more visible to the camera.

Boxing workout

Once we got the cover shot and feature story, we moved on to shooting a boxing workout. We shot this on the gym floor at Bondi Junction Fitness First. The workout combined bag and pad work with some key functional exercises that translate well to combat sports.

The bag and pad work included basic combinations like jab, cross, hook and jab, cross, duck and weave, cross. The functional exercises were shadow boxing with dumbbells, banded lateral bounds, plyometric step ups, sumo squat battle ropes and side plank with dumbbell rotations. I include all of these functional exercises in my training routine.

As is always the case when shooting fitness content, by the end of the day you have done the equivalent of a super long training session. It also takes a fair amount of mental effort. Unlike a normal training session, you have to be wary of your angles in relation to the camera. You also have to avoid pulling strange faces. But I always enjoy fitness shoots the most.

Fitness First Magazine


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