Lilian Dikmans features in the Maybelline New York Generation Fluid campaign.

“You’re living in a society that’s more fluid than ever, where you have the chance to be whoever you want to be, show the world however you feel and express yourself without holding back. This is Generation Fluid.

See how Lilian goes between her three careers as Muay Thai Fighter, lawyer and model, and what she got up to with Maybelline in New York.”

The Maybelline NY: Generation Fluid campaign was filmed in New York City, NY, USA in April 2019. It also features musical theater performer and dancer Jayme Jo Massoud, dancer and choreographer Jordan Charles Herbert, creator of “Not So Mumsy” blog Marcia Leone, music and makeup artist Claire Howell, and writer and digital content creator Helen Chik (via FIGHTMAG). More information and other videos can be found on the Maybelline New York Australia and New Zealand website.


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