Infrared Sauna: Lilian Dikmans Behind the Scenes 4

The fourth episode of Behind the Scenes with Lilian Dikmans features the Australian model visiting the infrared sauna at Nimbus & Co in Melbourne, Victoria. The clip follows the previous video released last week covering Real Food Healthy Body, making pumpkin pancakes.

Dikmans has previously featured the infrared sauna in her post dedicated to muscle recovery saying “I don’t find traditional steam saunas very relaxing anymore after having to use them for weight cutting. However, infrared saunas provide a dry heat so they’re not as suffocating. While you’re in the sauna, the infrared waves safely flush out toxins from your body and increase blood circulation to promote tissue repair and healthy skin.”

In addition, Dikmans included infrared saunas in her post-training recovery techniques, which helps “ease sore muscles and rid them of toxin build up”.

In the new video, Lilian Dikmans explains the process of taking a 45 minute sauna. This includes activities that can be undertaken while in the sauna, such as watching TV shows and stretching. Dikmans states that the inclusion of coloured LED lighting in the infrared sauna also provides added benefits.

Lilian Dikmans has become the first Australian model to simultaneously compete in Muay Thai. One of the earlier behind the scenes, billed as “Fight Club”, features the Melbourne beauty in her training routine. The video can be found below.

More clips are available on FIGHTMAG channels on YouTube and Dailymotion, which also include other video content, such as full fight video, Muay Thai training series, event highlights and more.


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