Kinematics: Lilian Dikmans Behind the Scenes 1

The first episode of Behind the Scenes with Lilian Dikmans covers a photoshoot of the Australian model and Muay Thai fighter at Kinematics Physiotherapy and Pilates studio in Richmond (Melbourne), Victoria.

Dikmans is guided by Amy Wiley, physiotherapist and Pilates instructor. She is seen performing various exercises, from squats with a pole (one can say a ninja bo) to stretching and rotational moves, planking and more. She also fits in several push ups, since it’s all about physical fitness system.

“Whoever says reformer Pilates is easy, you are wrong”, says Dikmans smiling. “It’s not easy, but it’s good.”

In September 2017 Lilian Dikmans (3-0-1) blogged about The Pilates Cadillac, which she was introduced to during her ballet training. She also outlined it as “a perfect complement to Muay Thai, which requires a strong, flexible and balanced body”.

Last month Lilian Dikmans appeared in Ford: Like You Mean It mini-series in which she put on a Muay Thai clinic. The show preceded her travel to New York where the Australian model spent a week on a shoot with makeup brand Maybelline.

Behind the Scenes with Lilian Dikmans is available on FIGHTMAG channel on YouTube, as well as on Dailymotion. The following episodes are expected to feature travel, cooking from Real Food Healthy Body, and a number of events and various activities, certainly including women’s Muay Thai training.


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