Lilian Dikmans HydraFacial
Four days after HydraFacial treatment (wearing tinted sunscreen)

There are so many beauty treatments out there, some effective and others not so much. But as someone who experienced acne in the past, I’m always keen to test out new skin care offerings. Last week, I tried the HydraFacial at MIRA Clinic in Perth.

HydraFacial treatment

The HydraFacial treatment is delivered using a device that looks like a large pen with a vacuum-based, skin abrasion tip. Throughout the 30 minute treatment, the tip is applied to your face to clean your pores, remove dead skin cells and infuse your skin with hydration and nourishment.

If you’ve had micro-dermabrasion done before, it’s a similar process. But better, because the machine pushes the hydration serums into your skin at the same time.

HydraFacial treatment
During the HydraFacial treatment at MIRA Clinic, Perth

During the treatment, you can feel the suction of the tip but it’s nothing extreme. You can also feel some very mild abrasion and light tingling during the exfoliation stage. But it was completely painless. I also enjoyed the feeling of my skin being thoroughly cleaned.

The HydraFacial costs $150 at MIRA Clinic and is suitable for all skin types (so it would also be a lovely gift idea). The only time you can’t get it done is if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or have an aspirin allergy. This is because the exfoliation part of the treatment involves the use of salicylic acid, which is the main ingredient of aspirin and not recommended for developing babies.

HydraFacial results

The HydraFacial instantly made my skin smoother and softer and gave me a visible ‘glow’ that I’m still enjoying 4 days post-treatment. Make up also glides on perfectly after the treatment since everything is hydrated and smooth.

There’s no downtime. I had a small amount of redness immediately after the treatment, but this disappeared within about half an hour.

Whilst it’s not a ‘transformative’ treatment, the HydraFacial would be ideal prior to a big event or if you simply want your skin to look and feel fresh, clean and glowy.

You can read more about the HydraFacial treatment on the MIRA Clinic website here.


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