Lilian Dikmans boxing training with Will Tomlinson
Will Tomlinson and Lilian Dikmans

Last week, I returned to my home town of Melbourne. After spending a couple of months in Western Australia before my fight in Perth the week prior, it was nice to be back on the East coast.

It was a quick trip for work and to catch up with family and friends. Although I took a couple of rest days after the fight, I was itching to train again. I squeezed in some spin classes for something different and on Monday I caught up with Will Tomlinson for some boxing pad work.

I’ve been training boxing with Will on and off, when I’m not focusing on Muay Thai, for the past two years. The former IBO World Super Featherweight champion is an excellent teacher.

Boxing pad work benefits for Muay Thai

There are a lot of differences between boxing and Muay Thai, which I’ve written about before. After a couple of months of solid Muay Thai training, I was definitely rusty on the boxing stance and combinations. I stand a lot taller with straighter legs for Muay Thai, so it takes a minute to readjust to the wider, lower to the ground, stance for boxing work. I also find it an adjustment training in shoes rather than bare feet. Although I’ve never trained in proper boxing boots, which I imagine would be a lot better than my running shoes.

The pad work for boxing is also a completely different pace to traditional Muay Thai pad work. Firstly, the combinations are a lot longer. Then there’s the ducking and weaving, which isn’t used as much in Muay Thai due to the risk of knees. But I can clearly see that its ability to develop footwork and movement has cross over benefits for Muay Thai.

I really enjoy it and look forward to incorporating more boxing training into my routine over the coming months.

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Pads with @willtomlinsonau yesterday 🥊

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