Presenting WKN belt at Sarara vs. Mozny world title fight

Boxing Night 14 at National Stadium Warsaw

The last stop on my European trip this month was back to Warsaw to attend the National Boxing Gala at PGE Narodowy. I was invited by World Kickboxing Network to present the WKN World Championship Belt at the Super Heavyweight title fight between Polish heavyweight Tomasz Sarara and “Slovakian Giant” Tomas Mozny.

Arriving in Warsaw on Thursday night, we unfortunately missed the official weigh in due to our flight but caught up with Sarara and Mozny afterwards before heading off to eat dinner. Both fighters were incredibly friendly with a good sense of humour. It was clear how Mozny got his nickname “Slovakian Giant”. I’m often one of the taller people in the room at 175cm (5’9”) tall, but standing next to Mozny at 202cm (6’7”) I felt tiny in comparison.

The following afternoon, we headed to National Stadium (PGE Narodowy) to get ready for the fight that night. The event was televised on Polish TV channel TVP Sport, live from the stadium. With 30,000 tickets sold and fighters and media attending from all over Europe, it was surreal to be the only Australian.

Sarara took the win by TKO after Mozny sustained a deep cut to his forehead, but it was a great fight by both fighters. They both also showed excellent sportsmanship before, during and after the fight, which is always nice to see.

On Sunday night, I’m heading back to Australia to attend Domination Muay Thai 20 in Perth on June 2.


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