European trip scheduled for May
Europe scheduled for May 2018

Following my recent trip to Bangkok, next up I will be heading to Europe in May. I’m the sort of person who gets bored staying in one place for too long, so I welcome any opportunity to travel. Poland will be the first stop. Visits to Belgium and Romania will most likely follow.

The great thing about Europe is that once you are on the continent, it is relatively easy to pass through a number of countries. Growing up in Australia, where lengthy plane trips are involved to get anywhere, this is a luxury that I always enjoy.

As part of the trip, I plan to visit a selection of Muay Thai gyms for training. I previously wrote about why I find it beneficial to travel to other countries when looking to improve your skills. When you train with new people, you pick up new things. Even within one style of fighting, such as Muay Thai, different people use different techniques. You may not want to adopt every technique under the sun, but it doesn’t hurt to try new things and see if they work.

I will be documenting the trip on my YouTube channel if you’re keen to follow it. The trip is scheduled for the second half of May. Then I will be returning to Perth for Domination Muay Thai 20 on June 2.


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