Circuit training benefits

When I’m not training Muay Thai, I usually go to a gym that offers circuit training. There are so many gyms and fitness studios offering circuits these days. They may be offered under different names, such as CrossFit, functional fitness or F45, but they are all essentially circuit training.

If you’ve never done a circuit, it’s basically just a series of exercises performed one after another. The exercises are usually arranged in successive ‘stations’ that incorporate a range of movements such as body weight exercises, weights and kettlebells and cardio equipment like row or ski machines. Some circuits may also include skill training such as agility drills or boxing.

Muscle and cardio endurance

I like circuit sessions because they are an efficient way to train. In particular, they are a great way to train muscle endurance and cardiorespiratory fitness at the same time. When I’m in Melbourne, I’ve been doing the circuits at newly opened Fitness XO in Richmond. I’ve never been a big fan of splitting the body up into different parts and training them all separately. Personally, I prefer to train as many components of fitness as possible, all at once. Maybe it’s because I’m a naturally impatient person. But there are obvious benefits if you’re busy and short on time.

Variety keeps it interesting

The other reason why I like circuit training is because you get to do a range of exercises. I get bored very easily. A circuit with a bunch of different movements and equipment keeps me interested. It also keeps your body on its toes, which is a good thing.

No thinking required

Finally, perhaps the best part of going to a circuit class is that you don’t have to set up any equipment or think about what exercises you should do. That is all taken care of. I can just turn up, follow the circuit and I’m done. Most circuit classes will have options to make the exercises easier or harder as well, so you can train as hard or as light as you want.


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