Saenchai and Lilian Dikmans at Thai Fight Bangkok
Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym and Lilian Dikmans at Thai Fight Bangkok weigh-ins

It was a typically humid Bangkok afternoon last Saturday as we made our way to Thai Fight Bangkok, after morning training at Sangmorakot Gym. Held at Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, by 4:00pm the outdoor stadium was pumping with music and a sea of people were rolling in for the evening of super fights.

Admission to the event was free, which was a treat given the calibre of fighters set to display their skills. There were a handful of tourists in the crowd, but the majority of the audience were Thai locals. Families with kids, young couples, teens and grandparents were all there to soak it up and cheer for their favourite fighters. Muay Thai is their national sport after all.

As the sun went down, the stadium lit up and the show commenced. The atmosphere was electric. Every single person seemed emotionally invested in each fight. It was hard not to get drawn in. There were shouts of “oooeeee” every time a fighter landed a clean strike and standing ovations with squeals of joy as the Thai fighters kept winning by knockout.

Saenchai, King of Muay Thai

The clear favourite amongst the packed out stadium was Saenchai. The crowd’s reaction as he danced onto the stage was fit for a hero. And a national hero he certainly is. Rightly so, as his display of skill and finesse up against Brazilian Henrique Muller was second to none. The 37-year-old Muay Thai veteran knocked out the taller Brazilian in the third round with a left kick to the head that reminded us all why he is still the King of Muay Thai.

You can read the full Thai Fight Bangkok results here.

Next up I’ll be attending the debut of Ultimate Fighting Championship in Western Australia, UFC 221 Romero vs. Rockhold, which is to be held on Sunday February 11 in Perth.


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