Lilian Dikmans yoga Satellite Island jetty
Yoga on the jetty

I had never heard of Satellite Island a few weeks ago. Probably because it’s an isolated, private island located off the coast of Bruny Island, which is off the coast of mainland Tasmania. So it’s an island off an island off an island. When I found out that I was going to be doing an outdoorsy photoshoot there with Lululemon, I googled it and got VERY excited.

The island has never been accessible to the public, so it remains utterly unspoilt.

The surrounding nature is a mix of bush, ancient blue gums, sheer sea cliffs, pebble beaches and sunny coves. It’s hard to describe how beautiful it is.

To get to the island, we caught the car ferry from Hobart to Bruny Island and then we drove to a dock where the island’s keeper, Richard, picked us up in his speed boat to ferry us across. On arrival at the jetty, you discover the Boathouse accomodation: two rooms, both with stunning views across the water. Venturing up a steep staircase further inland, you’ll find the beautiful Summer House.

With it’s rustic but luxe furnishings, the Summer House has a relaxed, seaside vibe. Stacks of books and magazines to flip through, comfy couches, a cute kitchen with a wooden dining table and a fire place to warm everything up.


It was pretty cold while we were there, and we shot most of the content outside, so it was so nice to be able to warm up in front of the fire during the breaks. Richard (the island keeper) drove us around the island on his little golf cart/tractor thing – I’m not sure what it’s called – and supplied plenty of blankets for us to keep warm between shots. When the sun came out it was beautiful, but when the frosty wind off the water picked up, blankets were needed!

I’m so grateful to have had the chance to spend some time in such an spectacular location with the amazing Lululemon team. Can’t wait to see all the photos – I’ll share some once they’re available!


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