Lilian Dikmans, Perth Muay Thai training outdoor workout
Perth Muay Thai training, outdoor workout

It can be hard to stick to a workout routine when you’re travelling and without access to your usual gym and training partners.

If you’re looking for a travel workout, there are a plethora of websites and apps out there offering ideas. But I like to keep things simple and preferably outdoors. Why not enjoy a bit of nature and see some of the local sights?

This week I’ve been up in Perth again for work, following my visit in June. On Friday instead of a typical gym workout, I decided to take advantage of the close proximity to Cottesloe beach. Although it was cloudy and blowing a gale, the running track and grassy areas that border the coastline provide the perfect location for a run and some shadow work in the fresh sea breeze.

I started with a jog along the beach-side track, which included some stairs and inclines. I’m not a huge fan of running, but when it’s next to the ocean I can deal with it well. Getting your breathing right is really important. I experimented with deep inhales and short, explosive exhales similar to what you would do when throwing strikes in a fight.

After the jog, my legs felt like lead due to the fact that I rarely run long distances. But it showed me that it’s something I need to do more often. I finished off with some shadow Muay Thai on the grass.

I was sweating under my hoodie by the end of it. This proves again that you don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment to get a good workout.

Yesterday's beachside workout ? I wrote about it for @fightmag if you're interested <Link in my bio>

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